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Classical Music

Finale Concours de Genève 2013 

"Pneuma" (prize-winner 2013) for flute solo and ensemble
Finale Concours de Genève 2013

Published on Feb 25. 2014


Kwangho Cho, south Korea, 26 years. Winner of  the  Composition Prize 2013

& Special Prize Air France KLM


"PNEUMA" for flute solo and ensemble

Ensemble Contrechamps, dir. Gregory Charette

Felix Renggli, flute


December 1st 2013, Studio Ansermet, Geneva, SwitzerlandI

Photo Exhibition of Robert J. Fouser

 À BOUT DE L'AUTOMNE (2018 ~ 19) 
 In memory of Robert Fouser and Eric V. Johnson
À BOUT DE L'AUTOMNE (2018 ~ 19)
 for Alto Flute, Geomungo, Harp and String Quartet
I. Scène Pittoresque
II. Chute Des Feuilles
III. Branches en Hiver

‘À BOUT DE L'AUTOMNE’ for Alto Flute, Geomungo, Harp and String Quartet was commissioned by Robert J. Fouser for his photo exhibition in korea and

to honor Robert Fouser and Eric V. Johnson.


And this piece was composed with much respect for the great composer, 'Toru Takemitsu' using his language of composition.


It was recorded in Seoul Recording Studio and Velet Recording Studio under baton of composer himself, on July 22, July 29, 2019.


Asian composers Showcase 2015 

"Garden of Silence I"
Asian composers Showcase

Ensemble TIMF
Garden of Silence I (Kwangho Cho)


conductor : Soo Yeol Choi

DaeGeum : Yoo Hong  

2015.03.29.  at Tongyeong International Music Festival  Hall (TIMF) 


2013 Seoul Fringe Festival

Free Jazz ( Fetal Movement ) 'SUM' Kwang-Ho Cho, Yongsun Hyun, Sungjae Yoo, Kyunghwan Min 
2013 Seoul Fringe Festival 

Free Jazz  ( Fetal Movement ) 

2013 9/5 In LIG Art center, at the "Jazz or not!?" concert


Piano : Kwang-Ho Cho

Guitar : Yongsun Hyun

Drum : Sungjae Yoo

Bass : Kyunghwan Min




Track 6 ' Under the sky'  (Composer)

Immortal Songs 2

Jongseo Kim - 창밖의 여자 (arranger)

Kwak Dong Hyun

MEMORIES  (arranger)
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